The WordPress theme I’m using seems to have created this page for me, so I ought to write something…

I’m Fi. I’m currently taking a year out between my second and third years of medical school, during which time I hope to do a bit of travelling and a bit of scientific research. In terms of basic science, most things biological interest me, though I am absurdly enthusiastic about developmental biology, particularly limb patterning, and am a bit lazy about reading papers outside of this remit unless I have a particular reason. Evo-Devo’s the thing I’m reading most about at the moment. Despite my love of research, I do want to be a clinician at the end of it all, I’m just taking a rather long and windy route to get there.

I’m not an atheist, though I am a secularist. I play music, SCUBA dive, take photos and play hockey and football (that’s field hockey and soccer to any Americans).

There’s a comments box below this, so if you do want to ask anything, I suppose that’s quite a good way to do so.


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